Three BTC Employees Are ACI Certified Adhesive Anchor Installation Inspectors

We are pleased to announce that Michael Wiscons, SE, PE, Senior Structural Engineer; Christopher Kottra, PE, CCCA, Senior Engineer; and Charles Sietmann, RRO, CCCA, CIT, Senior Building Envelope Specialist are now American Concrete Institute (ACI) Certified Adhesive Anchor Installation Inspectors. 

As stated by the ACI, a certified Adhesive Anchor Installation Inspector (AAII) “is an individual who has demonstrated the knowledge required to properly inspect the installation of adhesive anchors in concrete. The Inspector must understand the responsibilities and qualification requirements of the Installer, inspection requirements as cited in the documents governing the construction of the project, and the process governing the qualification of anchor systems.”

The AAII certification program requires the following knowledge and understanding of adhesive anchor installations:

  • The difference between periodic and continuous inspection and under what conditions each is required
  • Jobsite conditions relevant for correct selection of installation procedures in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions (e.g. concrete age, wetness, hole drilling method used, possible embedded obstructions, and air and concrete temperature)
  • The proper location of anchors (spacing, edge distance, and member thickness)
  • The manufacturer’s instructions (pictograms, text) and the proper procedures, sequence, and tools to clean the hole
  • The importance of proper selection and assembly of the injection equipment
  • The importance of injection of adhesive into holes at various orientations to the proper depth using proper technique and equipment to minimizes air voids
  • Recognition of time limits for installation and positioning of anchor element (i.e., gel time) depending on type of adhesive, ambient conditions, and size/depth of anchor hole
  • Recognition of warning signs of potential deviation from the construction documents and the manufacturer printed installation instructions
  • Inspection requirements and the documents in which they are cited
  • Proof loading requirements

Consistent with BTC’s ongoing practice of advancing our expertise through continuing education; the AAII certification achieved by Messrs. Sietmann, Kottra, and Wiscons is indicative of their and BTC’s commitment to provide clients with the highest level of knowledge and expertise possible.  Additional information about ACI’s AAII certification program can be found at:

We congratulate Mike, Chris, and Charlie on their newest certification.