Specialized Diagnostic Testing

In addition to experience and expertise, the proper evaluation of any construction defect, moisture intrusion or water leakage issue requires appropriate diagnostic testing. At BTC, we believe that field diagnostic tests should be controlled by the investigator so that ongoing adjustments to investigation protocols can be made in the field based on findings.

BTC has invested extensively in diagnostic testing and evaluation tools to help properly identify causes of problems.  We routinely upgrade and add to our diagnostic testing capabilities. Our field staff is highly trained to use such tools.

The following are some of the diagnostic tools we routinely use:

  • Infrared thermography equipment
  • Electronic leak detection (high- and low-voltage)
  • Flexible and rigid borescopes
  • Bond pull-off testing apparatus
  • Custom fabricated ASTM C1601 masonry test chamber
  • Blower door apparatus
  • Calibrated spray racks and pumps for ASTM E1105 water testing
  • Apparatus for measuring air leakage through installed doors and windows (ASTM E783)
  • Digital R-meter
  • Non-destructive coating thickness gauge
  • Custom-fabricated masonry drainage test apparatus (ASTM C1715)
  • Precision digital level with bar code pole
  • Laser level
  • Smoke generator machine for leak detection
  • Analog and digital moisture meters
  • Micro crack gauge
  • Micro movement gauge
  • Color spectrometer
  • Digital microscope
  • Vacuum leak detection apparatus
  • Unmanned Aircraft System (drones)
  • In-Situ moisture testing of concrete using various standard test procedures

In addition to the above, we utilize sophisticated computer software to diagnose, or assess behavior of building systems. Computer software applications we routinely use include:

  • WUFI Commercial software to analyze hygrothermal behavior of walls and roofs
  • THERM 2-dimensional heat transfer modeling software
  • STAAD Pro structural analysis software