Client Benefits

Our long-term clients have come to rely on several characteristics and abilities of our firm:

  • Clear Understanding and Simple Explanations
    We can quickly grasp the nature of our client's building problems and clearly explain investigation results, evaluation approaches, and potentially complex repair solutions. Our personnel help clients and their organizations understand their evaluation and repair options so they can make better, more informed business decisions. This approach is adopted through all phases of each project.
  • The Hands-On Involvement of BTC's Principals
    Our principals know when critical points occur in our projects, so they can provide the necessary input and direction when needed. Our clients have ongoing access to and project oversight from BTC's most experienced personnel, which gives them confidence in our service and quality.
  • A Sense of Urgency
    Our clients have building problems and need them to be resolved as quickly as possible. Through our expertise, methodical approach, attention to detail, creativity and innovation, we move a client's project forward as expeditiously as prudently possible.
  • The Importance of Communication
    Building repair projects can be complex, risky, and expensive. Our clients are kept informed during the entire project life-cycle: through evaluation, design, bidding, construction, and closeout. BTC uses a variety of communication vehicles to alleviate these concerns and maintain an efficient, trust-based working partnership with our clients.