BTC's Principal Awarded 7th US Patent for Cladding Attachment System

Continuing the long tradition of innovation at Building Technology Consultants, Inc. (BTC), BTC’s principal, Kami Farahmandpour, was recently awarded a 7th United States patent.  The series of patents encompass a complete system of cladding attachment devices for exterior walls that address 1) thermal shorts at typical cladding attachment systems, 2) the lack of drainage between the air barrier and the continuous insulation, and 3) the securement of continuous insulation panels. 

The inventions include continuous anchor strips that have been designed to be used in horizontal orientation and support gravity loads, continuous anchor strips designed to be used in vertical orientation, and a variety of individual cladding anchors (ties) and lock plates that can accommodate differential movements between the cladding and the back-up construction.

The series of inventions are designed to be modular and capable of providing attachment mechanisms for a wide range of cladding systems including metal panels, masonry, stucco, various sidings, etc.  The patents awarded to Mr. Farahmandpour to date include US Patent Numbers 9540804, 9010064, 9181713, 9260855, 9353515, 9347214, 9447584.