BTC Receives 2016 SWRI Trinity Award

Building Technology Consultants, Inc. (BTC) announces that its 474 North Lake Shore Drive - Parking Garage Expansion Joint Repairs project was recently selected as the 2016 winner of the Sealant, Waterproofing & Restoration Institute (SWRI) Trinity Award in the Waterproofing category. This prestigious honor provides recognition by fellow industry professionals as entries are judged on numerous criteria including the project's complexity, technology/innovation, sustainment, safety, community/environmental impact, challenges/solutions, and quality control. Unlike other awards programs, the Trinity Award contains a strong collaboration component. All submitted projects must be a collaborative effort between an SWRI contractor, material manufacturers, and associate member (consultant).

The 474 North Lake Shore Drive parking garage is a 16-story garage with both conventionally-reinforced and post-tensioned concrete slabs. A transverse expansion joint separates the two structural systems at each level. Most of the garage serves a residential condominium building, but portions of the garage are used as a commercial parking garage.

BTC's Chris Kottra, PE, CCCA was the lead engineer for the project that presented numerous design and construction challenges. In addition to technical challenges for repairs, costs for relocating residents' vehicles and the commercial owner's lost revenue had to be considered. Dividing the project into phases benefitted the condominium association and commercial owner financially. BTC, the contractor, and material suppliers worked together to select the most suited materials for the compressed schedule in each phase. By increasing the size of the crew, working longer hours, and establishing an aggressive sequencing plan, the contractor trimmed a full month off the schedule. Even with the added overtime costs, the project finished under budget.

The success of this project was made possible by the entire project team which included DK Condo and its property manager Mr. Bill Lorbeski, Allied Waterproofing, EMSEAL, and Advanced Polymer Technology.

For more information about the project, please refer to the project profile on our website.

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