Transitional Studies and Capital Asset (Reserve) Studies

BTC is often asked to assist new condominium associations after turnover by the developer. Our transitional studies are customized to meet each client's needs and to address potential areas of concern. We have performed numerous transitional studies for large residential condominiums.

Our transitional studies typically include:

  • Review of original design documents, warranties and available shop drawings
  • Unit owner surveys to establish problem patterns and frequency
  • Thorough review of critical building components including exterior walls, roofs, terraces, plaza decks, balconies, and parking garages
  • Review for ADA compliance
  • Review of interior building systems

To provide more meaningful transitional and reserve analysis, we employ the expertise of our alliance partners, Elara Engineering. Elara Engineering is a full-service MEP, fire protection, and information technology consulting engineering firm with the experience and proven track record to offer the best practical solutions for all of its clients' needs. We also employ the expertise of elevator specialists to evaluate elevator equipment, when such evaluation is deemed important to the results of the study.

We use the same detailed approach to our transitional studies to develop capital asset (reserve) studies for residential, commercial, and institutional building owners. Our reserve studies provide useful, realistic and meaningful information that assists building owners in financial planning. They cover a vast range of building systems. Where outside expertise is required, we work with our qualified subconsultants to ensure our reserve studies are more accurate and detailed than typical reserve studies.

Transition and Capital Asset Studies