BTC's Successful Internship Program Continues

Building Technology Consultants, Inc. (BTC) is pleased to highlight the success of its ongoing internship program, having provided internships to qualified students within the last several years. Through a selective process and retention of high-caliber engineering and architectural students, BTC provides a fully immersive experience that benefits BTC and interns alike.

BTC’s internship program is specifically designed to quickly involve interns in numerous critical components of BTC’s services and areas of expertise. Interns directly assist the firm’s principals, project managers, and project engineers with all areas of BTC’s expertise, such as field work, product research, preparing design drawings, and reviewing contractor submittals.

Interns gain firsthand, practical knowledge about the process to complete effective forensic evaluations and repair designs. Having joined BTC in February 2019 and continuing through the fall of this year, this conclusion is expressed in the following quote from one of 2019’s selected interns:

“I'm very grateful for my time so far at BTC. Because of the variety of work they do, I have gained experience in everything from design work to project management to field evaluations and water testing. Every day is something new, and I have loved being able to watch so many different projects develop over the months I have been an intern. The new skills I have learned on the job have been a major help in my college classes because now I have practical experience to connect with my theoretical knowledge. I feel like I now have a solid grasp on where I want to go with my career, and because of this I am much more excited and comfortable with the idea of graduating in the spring.” - Maddie L.

In addition, several interns who have participated in the program at BTC, who have shown the experience and acclimation with BTC’s methods and expertise, have gone on to accept full time positions within the firm.

For more information about BTC’s ongoing internships, all interested college students are encouraged to submit their resume and cover letter using the following link: [email protected].

Internship Program